Standard bottle colours

When purchasing 5000 bottles or more, you can mix and match from our base and trend colours. Other bottle colours are available for a surcharge, contact us.

Colour Name Type PMS
Turquoise Transparent 7460 C
Cerise Transparent 198 C
Lime green Transparent 368 C
Red Transparent 186 C
Reflex blue Solid 2728 C
Red Solid 180 C
Grey Solid 422 C
White Solid White
Black Solid Black
White Solid White
Black Solid Black C
Orange Transparent 158 C
Reflex blue Transparent 2728 C
Red Transparent 485 C
Yellow Transparent 108 C
Cerise Transparent 213 C
Pink Solid 184 C
Light blue Solid 305 C
Magenta Transparent 2355 C
Lime yellow green Transparent 382 C
Mint green Transparent 337 C
Light blue Transparent 298 C
Olive green Solid 370 C
Dark red Solid 201 C
Aspen orange Solid 2347 C
Blue Solid 293 C
Green Solid 7488 C
Blue Solid 7686 C
Green Solid 349 C
Silver Solid 430 C
Turquoise Solid 3155 C
Silver Solid 429 C
Cerise Solid 2062
Yellow Solid 113 C
Green Solid 2293 C
Red Solid 485 C
Pink Solid Pink C
Turquoise Solid 320 C
Purple Solid 260 C
Green Transparent 321 C
Green Solid 575 C
Yellow Solid 123 C