About us – The story

How great that you want to read about who we are.

We manufacture sport and water bottles to encourage a sustainable lifestyle. Our history began almost 60 years ago with an idea to produce blow-moulded water bottles and canisters – it was from this brilliant concept that Emballator Lifestyle emerged.

We now design, manufacture and print water and sports bottles. We can help you with anything from a standard bottle with a simple logo to a unique masterpiece. Everything is sustainable, approved for food use and durable.

Good companies bring out the good in other companies

But best of all is that our products are manufactured in Sweden and help in the fight against single-use packaging and bottled water. Our products encourage an active and sustainable lifestyle. We offer fresh water bottles with your own design printed on them, to strengthen your brand and give you a healthy, environment-friendly and sustainable image.

OK, so how healthy and sustainable are we?

We stock bioplastic bottles, and have decided that they won’t be any more expensive than normal bottles. We have solar panels on our roof to provide electricity to our office building and our electric cars. Only electricity generated by wind and water is used in the manufacturing of our bottles. We set aside 30 minutes for exercise, every day. When taking trips, we have decided not to fly, but to take the train or use electric vehicles instead. Climate-friendly production and EVERYTHING is made in our own factories in Sweden. Everything is of course suitable for food use and entirely free of poisonous substances such as BPA.


We produce creative bottles with the right environmental awareness

For us, it is a given that we care for the environment and are environmentally aware in our production, manufacturing and transport operations. Maybe our clear environmental approach comes from the fact that production of our bottles takes place in the beautiful natural setting of Dalsland. We are a company that encourages a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Read more about our environmental responsibility

Challenges drive us on

We have decided to lead this development, do you want to join us?