Customer case – environment-friendly water bottles

Yuhme is an operator that came to Emballator Lifestyle with its business concept of manufacturing environment-friendly water bottles.
“We wanted to produce environment-friendly water bottles manufactured in Sweden,” explains Alexandra Nash, one of the founders of Yuhme.

Yuhme had no previous experience of production, but feels that working together with Emballator Lifestyle has been very reassuring, and that they have shown great understanding throughout the whole process.

“Emballator Lifestyle has been extremely accommodating and genuine. They’ve helped us at many of the stages, producing the product and printing patterns. They’ve also shared some of their contacts,” says Alexandra.

Together with Emballator Lifestyle, they have now produced a unique sports bottle in bioplastic made of sugar cane. They also took printing technology to new heights and created a 360-degree print with a pattern around the whole bottle. The concept has both environmental and social responsibility, as one bottle contributes to six months’ clean water for one person in the Central African Republic.