Environmental responsibility – Our thing 

If you are strong, you have to be nice. Our way of being nice is to manufacture, stock and offer you water bottles made from renewable materials – simply, environment-friendly bottles that are CO2 negative.  We have also decided that bioplastic bottles shouldn’t be more expensive than normal ones – that’s something we think is really nice.

OK, shall we begin by sorting out what makes a bottle more environment-friendly and sustainable?

  1. The choice of material – is the raw material renewable or fossil based?
  2. Where is the bottle manufactured – is there lengthy transportation involved?
  3. Energy-efficient manufacture – does it take a lot of energy and is it good green energy that is used to refine raw materials into bottles?
  4. Long lifecycle – is it a single-use product or does it last for a long time?

…so here’s all the details.

1. We use biomass from waste products that come from sugar cane. Put simply, what was previously a waste product in sugar manufacture, is now what we make bottles from. Photosynthesis and an energy-efficient process means that the CO2 load is actually -3.09kg (per kg of material) when the raw material reaches our factory.

2. We manufacture our bottles and capsules in Sweden, minimising transport, as the bottles are used and sold here. To make one bottle at our factory uses 0.06Kwh, which is equivalent to the energy used when you shower for around 30 seconds or surf the web on a PC for around 5 minutes. Compared to the manufacture of glass and aluminium bottles, for example, it is especially energy efficient.

3. But the best of all is that we only use energy created from wind and water power in the manufacture of our products. This means that the CO2 load is zero for the actual manufacturing process. We of course have solar panels on our roof, which provide the office with green electricity, and we also use it to charge our electric cars. This means that the CO2 load for a delivered bottle to you as customer ends up at around -2.37kg (per kg of material).


4. Our bottles are easy to take with you anywhere and encourage you to drink tap water instead of bottled water. Producing and delivering a litre of bottled water takes at least 300 times more energy than to fill up a litre of water from the tap. The bottles are durable and will last for many years with care. Once it is eventually time to dispose of the bottles, they can simply be recycled to become new products.

Dear competitors.

”please copy us”

You’d better get going – the more of you who switch to bioplastic the better it is for our environment and the planet.

Want to be an environmental hero? Be CO2 negative.

Bioplastic bottles from us look and feel like normal sports bottles, but the difference is that they do not harm our planet with unnecessary CO2 emissions. Sugar cane is a perennial plant and can regrow up to 8 times before needing to be replanted. Over these 8 years, its photosynthesis contributes to a negative value of CO2. Put simply, we can say that our bioplastic bottles actually reduce the damaging levels of CO2 on the planet. A bottle from us has a CO2 level of -3.09kg. And if you include the fact that the bottles help people to drink tap water rather than bottled water, then the choice becomes even easier. Producing and delivering a litre of bottled water takes at least 300 times more energy than to fill up a litre of water from the tap.